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In the year 2016, the SRA Excom started the journey by forwarding a petition to the county assembly. This petition was expeditiously passed by the county assembly but got stuck at the Executive implementation level. Fate had it that the Nairobi metropolitan was in the process of developing spatial plans for the various satellite towns forming the Nairobi Metropolis. Mavoko Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plan 2020_2030 happened to be one of these plans and Syokimau was once again in for a proper development plan. The journey has taken over 5 years but finally, all is well that ends well. SRA took up the lobbying to get the desired zoning plan for Syokimau Estate, It has been a tough ride as many interests mushroomed from all corners most of which were anti-residents, some business interests were hellbent to defeat the dream of having Syokimau as a pure low-density residential estate, They lobbied hard to defeat our dream but the SRA Excoms lobbied even harder to make it a reality. Endless meetings and public participation exercises had been organized.
We are delighted and excited to report that this journey has now come to an end and the zoning plan has finally been passed at the County Assembly: now it is the development law to guide any development in Syokimau and the larger mavoko. We take this opportunity to applaud the following;

  1. Mr Nzioka Waita ( Aspiring Governor) for holding our hand when we needed someone to knock on the right doors at the central government and make the courtesy calls.
  2. Our Current County Assembly speaker and Aspiring deputy Governor Madam Florence Mwangangi (for providing the leadership necessary at the county assembly to facilitate the passing of the plan into law)
  3. The entire volunteer leadership of SRA Excom from 2016 to 2022. These teams have worked tirelessly over the years. Their efforts have edged them to the Syokimau history books forever.
  4. Mavoko Alliance of Residents Association under the able Chair, Madam Juliet Karungo for holding together and ensuring that the process went on well without interruption

The video timestamp for the zoning debate starts at 2:53:17 min on the video clip



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