Following the resident’s Agitation under the umbrella of SRA on the safety standards on the New Nairobi Expressway. KenHa and NTSA Eventually yielded to the residents’ demands and organised a safety audit meeting on 16th May 2022. The meeting was intended to evaluate the following

  1. Lack of footbridges and crossways from Airport Junction to Mlolongo

Prior to the meeting above NTSA had held a meeting with KenHa before they came to the safety audit meeting at mlolongo. They brought to the residents representitives a confirmation that our complaints about lack of footbridge along the Syokimau stretch is now a priority and the Syokimau People should expect a minimum of 3-foot bridges at Gateway mall/Kiungani Road/ Katani road. Persons living with disabilities/Children and senior citizens shall be considered during the construction. This was particularly good news to Syokimau Residents

  • Lack of Road safety and security   safeguards during construction and now during its trial period

Starting Tomorrow 17th May 2022 NTSA/KenHa and the contractor shall carry out a safety and security audit on the entire expressway and also on the old Mombasa Road and shall complete the exercise in two days. NTSA shall compile a report of their findings and recommendations to KenHa and the Contractor. SRA shall have a copy of the same

  • Destruction on the old Mombasa Road leading to a Lack of Bus stops

 NTSA reported that KenHa is to embark on a massive rehabilitation of the old Mombasa Road to standards beyond its original state including modern bus terminuses and a BRT line. Lighting and beautification.

  •  Public transport vehicles stopping on the roads and coursing massive traffic jams

It was identified that Matatus stopping along the road tracks has been occasioned by the destruction of bus stops by the contractor. The situation is made worse by the bad attitudes of our public transport sector operators. It was reported that this will be quickly sorted by the rehabilitations mentioned in (3) above. This is to be treated as a matter of priority if the jam menace is to be solved sooner.

  • Stormwater drainage being directed to Syokimau causing flooding

NTSA noted this concern and promised to discuss it further with KenHa During their road safety Audit commencing tomorrow

  • Blind spots along the old Mombasa Road after the destruction during construction

NTSA noted this concern and promised to put it in their report and recommendations to KenHa and Contractor.

  • Speed Limits along the expressway*

NTSA has already noted this and it shall be enforced with prosecutions. The technology employed can easily capture the violatorS’ number plates and possible suctions can be put in place.

SRA is pleased with the quick response by NTSA to our complaints and is looking forward to a speedy resolution of the same

John Mutinda

SRA Chairman

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