CEC Environment Visits Syokimau

A few days ago the SRA Environment team Led by the SRA Chairman Mr John Mutinda wrote to the CEC Member on Environment Eng. Morris Aluanga to appraise him on and about the effluent discharge points in Syokimau. The CEC Environment reacted swiftly to the letter from SRA  and scheduled a meeting (on the ground) with the SRA Environment team and Executive Committee on 21st Sept 2021.

As the day’s program started more concealed effluent discharge points were discovered. So much was unearthed only on Kiungani road that the county team had to redraw the visit schedule to continue on another day and make it random. A new itinerary is being drawn between the County Government and the SRA Environment Team. Once the new dates are known the residents shall be notified.

The team conducted an environmental fact-finding mission that visited the coloured water discharge points on kiungani road. It was established that the culprits are more than one and there is a need for proper investigations to be done to prosecute all the culprits. We hope that the new impetus to arrest the runaway environmental challenges in our neighbourhood shall be dealt with once and for all and the residents shall once again come back to enjoying their rights to a clean and healthy environment. To the CEC Environment Hon. Eng. Morris Aluanga, Asante Sana. To the new excom, Well done for starting with where it hurts most. To chairman John Mutinda, Thank you for leading by example and may God give you all the strength that you need.

To the Residents. The 100% membership subscriptions waiver continues up to 30th Sept 2021. By paying KES 2,700 all your subscriptions arrears shall be waived and you will be 6 months ahead on your subscriptions. Paybill 554444 Account WAIVER.

“SRA Achieving more together”

One thought on “CEC Environment Visits Syokimau

  • Tony Kuria

    Great work, Mr Mutinda and Syokimau residents. Let’s keep pushing for a clean environment in our neighbourhood.


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