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SRA Draft Constitution Amendments Adopted

The much anticipated SGM to ratify the proposed constitutional amendments was a great success .

The Draft amamendments have now been adopted by members in a Special General Meeting that was conducted online through the Zoom Platform on 28th March 2021

  1. We appreciate all the residents who showed up to the online meeting and those who also sent their apologies.
  2. The draft amendments were adopted and ratified with minimal additions. Well done residents this was a historical achievement.
  3. This SGM now sets the pace towards the AGM when elections will be held and new leadership coming from our various roads will take up the mantle to steer the new SRA to the next level. The AGM notice will be shared in due course.

In the foregoing, the leadership will be organising for regional sensitization online meets in the various roads WhatsApp/telegram or zoom platforms. These online meet the residents’ engagements shall be aimed towards civic education for the residents to appreciate the new and adopted amendments to the constitution. The program for these online meetups will be communicated in due course

for those who missed the meeting below is the link to download the new constitution.

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