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SRA – Nairobi Chapel Festive Week 2020

The Year 2020 has been a tough and challenging year for most of us. Our national and local economies have been hit. Many families were not able to celebrate Christmas as they would have expected as incomes had dwindled some to nothing at all. Our most vulnerable families are hit the hardest. The SRA welfare and publicity committee cognisant of the facts on the ground partnered with Nairobi Chapel. This partnership was aimed at giving to our vulnerable families a hand up and a reason to celebrate. The initiative dubbed festive week 2020 was a great success. Over 50 needy families from within our neighbourhood have now received the gift hampers. It was emotional to watch the smiles and the joy on their faces. Those families with young toddlers received a special humper with baby food products. Special thanks to Nairobi chapel and the SRA welfare and publicity team. To all the Residents who gave thank you very much. You made a huge difference. Receive the many thanks from the recipients. To those who didn’t. There’s always next time. The Easter charity week will be here in a few months, another opportunity to put a smile on a family that otherwise would not have anything. We do not give because we have much but because of the love of a neighbour in need. May you be blessed beyond your needs. To all residents of Syokimau. Happy New Year. SRA Achieving More Together

One thought on “SRA – Nairobi Chapel Festive Week 2020

  • Peter Musyoki

    Hi could the admin add me to the group am a resident who moved from mombasa in April. I reside at Tabitha Musaus rsidence near the police post and chiefs office. I have lived here since 1990 until l relocated to mombasa for job in 2008. Now that am back l would appreciate for the add to be part and parcel of this group.


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