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Security Measures Begin Bearing Fruit

Last updated on September 8th, 2020 at 03:59 pm

“It’s encouraging to note that insecurity incidents have reduced in 2018 -2020 in comparison to 2016-2017”

Security Team Leader Karung’o Njoroge says.

A critical observation to note is that most of the theft incidents happened in homes where basic security measures have not been put in place. Some of the measures implemented by the security team include:

Having a minimum of two security marshals for each of the seven trunk roads in Syokimau
An effective “Nyumba kumi’’ Initiative with the principle of knowing your neighbours. The Nyumba Kimi is ideally centred on a 5 acres court.
As a growing estate, security challenges will always prevail. The Security Team Leader urges residents to practice basics security measures such as monitoring and reporting any suspicious issues and characters to the respective road marshals and court leaders for upward escalation to the SRA Security team and if can’t be solved within the court to the security agencies.

“Thugs and criminals will have minimum space to manoeuvre in our neighbourhood. This can only succeed if we all join SRA and work as a team as per our motto Achieving More Together.’’

Says Security team leader Mr Peter Karung’o

As a reminder, the following are the basic security needs or measures:

?Perimeter wall or a good electric fence.
?Alarm response system,
?Security lighting
?Guards, either human or dogs,
?Closed Circuit Cameras (CCTV),
?Clearing surroundings to ensure there is no cover for thugs to hide and other predators like snakes.
?Knowing your neighbours and their telephone numbers.
?Monitoring site office structures and abandoned houses/structures.

“These simple but effective measures shall go a long way in ensuring that we live in a safe and secure environment. Security is a personal issue and begins with you”.

Says Team Leader Security Mr. Peter Karung’o

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