Syokimau Residents Fund Construction of New Link Road

Residents of Syokimau raised funds for construction work to connect Katani Road and Community Road.

Construction of the road was undertaken by the National Youth Service, thereby giving residents an additional route and easing traffic on Katani Road, which has the heaviest traffic among the seven trunk roads in the estate.

“We hope the county government will maintain the section to keep the smooth flow of traffic within our estate’’,

Environment Team Leader John Mutinda says.

Overloaded construction trucks from the quarries have been wreaking havoc on roads in Syokimau, particularly Katani Road, as they try to evade the weighbridge at Mlolongo. With the help of the county government, residents had to erect barriers to control the trucks menace.

The Kenyan Urban Roads Authority (KURA) recently completed construction of Quarry Road and all the trucks that had been using Katani Road as a transit corridor have been rerouted to Quarry Road. The residents will continue maintaining the barriers to stop rogue truckers who still find back routes to enter Syokimau.

As the population of Syokimau grows, Katani Road is now experiencing traffic jams even at off-peak hours. The factories along Kiungani Road- Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) section have also made it difficult for residents as the heavy commercial trucks are parked by the roadside”.

Says John Mutinda (Team Leader Environment)

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