Welfare & Publicity

Showcasing the Syokimau story

One of the responsibilities of the welfare and publicity committee is to showcase the Association at every opportunity. In this effort the Committee has produced a documentary that narrates the Syokimau’s story over the years, You can watch this documentary at the bottom of this article.

“This  mandate will continue because Syokimau is our dream homeland,’’

Says team leader Isabella Olwenyo.

The committee is responsible for communicating Syokimau Residents Association’s agenda, programs and projects, in addition to catering for the residents’ welfare through the following projects

  1. TUJUANE DINNER: Each year since the inception of SRA  the committee has successfully organized an annual dinner for the residents, dubbed Tujuane. Last year, SRA held its 4th edition of TUJUANE DINNER at the 67 Airport Hotel, bringing together residents and the business community around our community. This year 2020 this very important event has taken a break, Thanks to COVID-19. We hope to resume in the coming year.
  2. THE RESIDENTS MAGAZINE:  Over the years the committee has also published a quarterly newsletter THE RESIDENT  to highlight some of the milestones of  Syokimau Residents Association. This newsletter is distributed free to all residents and businesses within our neighbourhood. Due to the unsustainable printing costs of this newsletter, the committee has decided to shift from physical printouts to online publication. This is what you are reading right now. The move from physical printouts to online publication will not only save on printing costs but also enable us to reach out to much wider audiences in and out of Syokimau.
  3. LAST RESPECT GROUP INSURANCE POLICY: Planning for funerals requires a lump sum of cash to especially offset bills. CIC insurance Co. and Syokimau Residents Association have been partnering on this very essential community need. our partnership provides financial relief in the time of loss which helps families deal with grief rather than worry about funeral expenses. Back in 2016 SRA Welfare and Publicity committee identified this need within our community and many residents have benefited since then. Our policy renewal date 8th Oct. 2020 is fast approaching. This is a perfect opportunity for those who wish to join this very important community welfare benefits programme. Our policy is flexible and allows two clusters of coverag
  • for a premium of KES 3,250, a member gets coverage of 100,000 per death.
  • for a premium of KES 6,250, a member gets coverage of 200,000 per death.

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