Syokimau Residents to have fresh water in 2021

Last updated on March 28th, 2021 at 04:50 pm

The Leadership of Syokimau Residents Association is expressing confidence that the Residents of Syokimau will have freshwater flowing in their taps by March next year as planned. The project has been slowed down by a few hitches, like the construction of the Nairobi Expressway among other logistical challenges. SRA has, however, learnt that the relevant government agencies have taken up the matter and will make follow-ups with the relevant institutions to fix the challenges as soon as possible.

According to MAVWASCO website, the project is described as : Treated Water pipeline from General Motors to Syokimau, Construction of a 5,000 m3 reinforced concrete groundwater reservoir, erection of a 3,000 m3 elevated storage tank to supply water to Syokimau area and its environs. Tanks 100% done, The Nairobi line component has been delayed by the commencement of the Nairobi expressway project

The project is expected to serve a population of 250,000 people in Syokimau and its environs.
“The Drinking Water Project is 97 % complete. And SRA has been working closely with MAVWASCO as we continually assess its progress and gridlocks”
Says Juliet Karung’o SRA Chairperson.
The Machakos County Commissioner Fredrick Ndunga accompanied by officials from the Office of President, Athi River deputy county commissioner David Juma and Julius Omotayo of ASPAC International, the project contractor. visited the project site in Syokimau. (Katani Road Junction) on Wednesday 10th November 2020.
S.R.A have learnt that “The Presidential Delivery Unit has taken over the matter to unlock the project progress. which will be launched sometime in March 2021.
Syokimau and its environs have not had freshwater since people started settling down in this area and this water project will solve this perennial challenge for Syokimau Residents and the industrial zones that line along Mombasa road. Water PS Joseph Irungu also inspected the project last month. The PS was accompanied by Tanathi Water Works Development Agency CEO Fredrick Mwamati, chairman Kakuta Hamisi, Water and Sanitation secretary Samuel Alima, Mavoko Water and Sewerage Company managing director Michael Mang’eli, Machakos county commissioner Fred Ndunga and Athi River deputy county commissioner David Juma.
The project, which commenced in February 2018, is co-funded by Belgium and Kenya, Governments is well on schedule.
The Residents of Syokimau are delighted by this development which will go a long way in solving the water problem for good.
This project among other Mavoko Water Supply Improvement Projects is being executed by GAUFF Consulting Africa Ltd as its consultant. ASPAC International from Brussels, Belgium, is the contractor.

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  • Thanks Syokimau SRA and machakos county government

    • Karibu Sana. SRA will continue with lobbying and keeping the residents informed on all matters development in our neighbourhood.


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