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SRA Charity Week 2020:Caring for the needy in Syokimau

Last updated on September 10th, 2020 at 05:19 pm

  • SYOKIMAU CHARITY WEEK. has become an SRA annual calender event normally taking place during the Easter week of every year. This year this event was held in a very unique way thanks to COVID-19. The model changed from mass community gatherings to visitations by the youth and welfare committees to the venerable families within our community. Delivering food aid packages.

“We can not ellimite all the needs within our societies but we can show some love and solidarity”

Says Cyril Wafula (Team Leader Youth and Sports Committee)

Some of the  beneficiaries were

  1. Kicheko informal settlement residents
  2. Mwangaza rehabilitation Center
  3. Specific needy families identified by the road marshals.

This annual event has taught our youth a lot about caring for others and showing kindness to the less fortunate members of our society

Some of the unique CHALLENGES we experience this year are:

  1. Lack of and slow response from both parents and youths
  2. Fear to participate in community work .Thanks to COVID – 19
  3. Economic slow down due to COVID-19 made it difficult to get corporate sponsors as expected.


  1. Parents should must play a more engaged role in motivating their young people with follow ups to make sure their youths are fully engaged and  involved.
  2. Youths should be encouraged to social with others in the estate through volunteering  to serve in the youth and sports committee.

Youth and Sports Committee Team Leader : Cyril Wafula

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