Syokimau to Host Annual Youth Outreach Tournament

yokimau Residents Association
plans to host an annual event for
the youth in the estate, following
the inaugural Syokimau Youth
Outreach Tournament (SYOT 2018) held
on Saturday August 18, 2018 at the Mt.
Sinai CIM School.
In the spirit of involving the whole community in this great estate, the event
targeted all ages of our children.
The activities included a children’s corner,
cycling, football and basketball. We had
visiting teams, namely Mabati Rolling Mills
and our very own Syokimau Boda Boda
The theme: “Mabawa sio Madawa,’’ was a
message to inspire the youth to flee from
drugs and instead aim for skies with their
dreams and ambitions.
We had a total 287 participants and over
500 children and youth. To this end, I
thank all the parents who allowed their
children to be a part of this event.
The roads that participated include Airport, Kiungani, Community, Katani, Parliament and Quarry Roads. We had a team
from Mwananchi Road who we allowed to
play despite the road not registering.
“To all parents who spent the day with
us, may God richly bless you,’’ Syokimau
Residents Association Chairperson Juliet
Karung’o says. “I still laugh so hard from
the memories of the Wazee football team.’’

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