S.R.A Endmor Pollution Case Funds Appeal


Fundraising Appeal

Syokimau Residents Association (SRA) Has been engaged in a legal fight against pollution(Air) by Endmor steel millers. Some months ago the Citizen TV Exposed the matter see the video by following this link to one of our initial articles about this issue


As we all know and expect the mighty shall never go down without a fight and we are determined to take this battle to the next level

Since 2016, we, the residents and business owners in Syokimau, have been exposed to unhealthy levels of poisonous emissions and noise by Endmor Steel Factory.

Our engagement with the following bodies, which have a legal duty to ensure we live in a clean and healthy environment, have not borne fruit:

  • The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)
  • The National Environment Tribunal (NET)
  • The National Environmental Complaints Committee (NECC)
  • County Government of Machakos

What next?

We are not giving up on protecting our health today and in the future. Therefore, we intend to: 

  • At the Environment and Land Court (ELC) at Machakos;
    • Proceed with the Judicial Review application filed by SRA in June 2021 for the review of the decision of the NET in Tribunal Appeal No. NET 003 OF 2019
    • File a Constitutional Petition
  • Petition the Parliamentary Committee on Environment
  • Undertake Ambient Air Quality measurements, noise pollution test and survey on the impacts of the air & noise pollution on the health of members of our community – This will avail much needed evidence to further support our case in court and in parliament
  • Lobby UNEP and NGOs

Our Ask and Appeal to all Residents and business communities

These activities, excluding the petition to parliament and lobbying, will cost not less than Kshs. 750,000.

We appeal for financial support from all residents within Syokimau, businesses operating in the area and the general public who are all affected by the air and noise pollution caused by Endmor Steel Factory. This support will go a long way in making sure that this matter is brought to a favourable conclusion and the pollution stops once and for all. Each shilling will be accounted for.

Paybill 554444 Account ENDMOR

Play your role in seeking justice.  Make it happen with your donation. Give today for a healthier environment.

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