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SRA Welplicity Strategic Meeting

Meeting Report: Syokimau Residents Association Welfare and Publicity Committee

The Syokimau Residents Association Welfare and Publicity Committee convened for a strategic meeting on January 13th, 2024, at the Mavericks Hotel at the Gateway Mall. The meeting was well attended by many committee members. The primary focus of the meeting was the identification of leadership within the committee and the drafting of the annual calendar of events for the Syokimau Residents Association (SRA)

Identification of Leadership:

Key individuals were identified for specific roles within the committee and the Association to serve as key focal point individuals. Humphrey Odhiambo was nominated unanimously to head the Welfare and Publicity Docket a responsibility he accepted with humility. Humphrey brings to the fold a wealth of experience from previous engagements within SRA in the past.

The SRA Calendar of Events 2024

The team came up with the following events to form the calendar of events for SRA in the year 2024

  1. Excom Retreat: (Jan 20th, 2024): Mohamed Ismail and Eunice Musyoki were appointed focal points for the upcoming retreat.
  2. All Committee Members Meeting : (Feb 3rd, 2024): Team leader membership and mobilization were assigned as focal points for this event.
  3. Charity Week 2024 : (April 13th-14th, 2024): Mercy Katini will lead the event, supported by Juliet Karungo.
  4. Environment Tree Planting Day: (April 20th, 2024): John Mutinda was designated as the focal point person.
  5. Court Leaders Conference : (June & Dec 2024): Dates to be picked later during the all-committee members conference
  6. Youth Sports and Family Fun Day:  (August 2024): John Makheti, Juliet Karungo, and Stella Ojara were appointed focal points.
  7. Youth Mentorship Day: (Dec 2024): John Makheti, Juliet Karungo, and Stella Ojara were assigned as focal points.
  8. Tujuane Day &bTrade Expo 2024: (Nov 2024): Humphrey Odhiambo was designated as the focal point person.
  9. Interdenominational Prayers Day:  (July 2024): Chris Nthiani and Pastor Kariuki were chosen as focal point persons for this ev

The strategic meeting was fruitful, establishing clear leadership roles and outlining a comprehensive annual calendar of events. The resolutions made during the meeting are expected to enhance the effectiveness and impact of the Syokimau Residents Association in the coming year. All committee members are urged to work diligently on their strategic plans and budgets for presentation in the upcoming Committee Members Meeting.

A comprehensive calendar of events shall be published and shared with residents in due course

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