SRA Strategic Plan 2023-2025


“A goal without a plan is just a wish”,


The Syokimau Residents Associated was incorporated in 2010, the main objective was to improve the Quality of Life of the residents. Quality of life refers to the general well-being experienced by residents of Syokimau.  Indicators of quality of life include, good roads, provision of water, security, a pleasant, community environment; opportunities for recreation and leisure; and a sense of safety and social belonging.  A high quality of life increases resident satisfaction and promotes community cooperation and compliance with rules and regulations.

SRA MOTTO: Achieving more, Together!

VISION: To be the preferred model estate in Kenya.

OUR MISSION: To make Syokimau estate a first class estate where residents enjoy high quality standards of life through advocacy for provision of community facilities and services.


Our Vision to preserve and enhance Syokimau as the preferred model estate in Kenya, we aspire to make this Vision valid through strategies in ten primary pillars as per the SRA 2017/19 strategic plan as follows:

  1. Membership and Mobilization-Encourage active involvement of our members.
  2. Security -Managing security as our top priority.
  3. Infrastructure- Effective management of the physical planning and facilities.
  4. Water and Sanitation- Safe Water and provision of sanitation for everyone.
  5. Residents Welfare and Publicity – Increase visibility of SRA and enhance welfare of the residents.
  6. Youth – Promote youth agenda.
  7. Investment – Explore opportunities to raise funds for SRA.
  8. Environment -Promoting a safe environment.
  9. Legal- Enforcement of the SRA Policies and Regulations
  10. Land Matters and Public facilities
  11. Audit and Finance Effective management of financial resources.


  1. Members first– we shall always put the interest of members/residents first.
  2. Integrity- we shall conduct ourselves ethically with sense of honesty, fairness and respect for others.
  3. Environmental Sanity- we are a responsible citizen committed to the health and safety of the people protection of the environment and compliance with the laws and regulations, and with SRA policies.
  4. Volunteerism-We shall be available to offer and embrace voluntary service from members and operate as a team.
  5. Transparency- We shall endeavor to encourage open access to information, participation and decision making which ultimately creates a high level of trust amongst members and other stakeholders.
  6. Accountability- We shall acknowledge and be responsible for our actions, successes and failures.
  7. Partnership- We shall work together with the National and County government, their agencies and other affiliated organizations.


Our Strategy will focus on both the services and the SRA culture. The plan is to help drive financial and operational plans to ensure SRA remains a premier Estate of Choice, therefore enhancing property values.

The SRA leadership acknowledges the relationship between the Association and both the National and County governments and will strive to enhance this relationship. Our plan recognizes the importance of participating in county/regional/ state political processes, business organizations, and other stakeholders that could impact the fundamental goals and vision of the SRA.

The Executive Committee (ExCom) will work with 13 committees devoted to each of the strategic pillars. We shall share activities to meet targeted results for each of the strategic pillars. The completion of action steps shall serve as a benchmark to measure ExCom’s success in meeting the strategic objectives. At each annual meeting, ExCom will include in its report the activities that have been completed and/or report barriers to completion.  

SRA Committees

  1. Security Committee-Boaz Wanjala
    1. Infrastructure committee
    1. Welfare and Publicity committee
    1. Youth and sports committee
    1. Environment Committee-Team Leader John Mutinda
    1. Legal committee
    1. Investment Committee
    1. Water and Sanitation committee
    1. Membership and Mobilization
    1. Internal Audit and finance committee
    1. Land and public facilities committee
    1. Syokimau fellowship of churches and mosques
    1. Council of Elders
    1. Elections Board( This is an adhoc committee representing each road)

The leadership recognizes that one of the strongest assets of the community is the cohesiveness and sense of community pride evident among residents. It is important that the community’s culture is supportive of the objectives, strategies and actions contained in our strategy. Only through active community support and communications can the culture continue to evolve and reinforce our core values and principles that are important to ensure that sense of community pride that is necessary to maintain Syokimau as a premier Estate of Choice.


The new team intends to focus its energy during their tenure to achieve the following five pillars;

  1. Courts Registration and Mobilization: All road reps and court leaders need to be automatic members of this committee.
  2. Rebuilding the Excom and rejuvenating SRA
  3. Rebuild all the committees and recruit more volunteers in all the committees to work for the community initiatives.
  4. Re-introduce the calendar of events that we had in the past before covid such as the youth activities, sports and Marathon, SRA expo and Tujuane dinners among others so that we are able to have extra revenue and a more engaged society on social aspects.
  5. Promote the SRA brand, making sure all roads and courts are branded in SRA colours. Encourage our youth to work in our social media platforms to promote the brand.
  • Zoning Regulations:
    • SRA leadership needs to move with speed and work with the Mavoko Planning Department to have a Syokimau Zoning Regulations policy document in place. This is the only thing that will bring protection to the gains made over the years from uncontrolled multi-dwelling and mushrooming business. At the moment there are no definitions. Making the zoning easy to abuse.
    • Strengthen the Roads and court leadership system so that every road and court is encouraged to be vigilant and support SRA efforts to tame uncontrolled developments.
  •  Road infrastructure improvements-

Most Syokimau roads are now under construction and we thank KURA for the gesture-

  1. the team will continue lobbying for the completion of airport road, Mwananchi road, Kiungani road all for phase two as they are now partly tarmacked/ongoing.
  2.  We lobby for the construction of parliament road also which has not been allocated anything so far.
  3. Follow up with KERRA to understand what plans are there for the stalled community road project.
  4.  Construction of the link roads which are also critical for the ease of movement of traffic. This includes Taifa road, Notre dame link road from airport side to Kiungani junction.
  5. Move the Katani barrier to its original position and help in manning all Syokimau key barriers.
  • Security-

syokimau security is still fluid even with a fully-fledged police station within the neighbourhood but we still have challenges.

  1. The team will strengthen the security committee and by having more experienced experts to join the committee
  2. We shall have a more closer coordinated working relationships with the police and see where as a community we can help in the improvement of the estate security.
  3. Organise the bodaboda riders better and go back to the relationship we had with them on the past and organise their work better by developing SOPs for them in liaison with the police.
  4. Call a meeting of the public transport service providers with syokimau such as the county link bus owners and agree with them on better and more responsible way of conducting themselves as we already have challenges with their buses on katani road where they don’t respect any traffic rules or other road users.

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