SRA Court Leaders Conference Report

The much-anticipated Syokimau Residents Association (SRA) Court leaders Conference was held on 3rd December 2022. This was a follow-up to the ratification of changes to our constitution that passed on 28th March 2022. The main agenda for the Conference was to deliberate on the modalities of SRA Courts membership registration and the challenges thereto. To date, 68 courts have already joined SRA membership against a target of 100 courts for the year 2022. During the open plenary session of the conference, the following came up as challenges courts are facing as far as registration with SRA is concerned.

  1.  Many Courts are not cohesive (internal politics within the courts divide members)
  2. Many courts do not have coherent leadership structures.
  3. Difficulties in calling for meetings within the courts.
  4. Some residents are disgruntled by illegal developments
  5. Massive ignorance on the need to protect the estate which is the purpose of SRA formation as a residence lobbying vehicle.
  6. Lack of financial transparency at the court levels. Some court leaders are not accountable to their members and it dims the prospects of such courts giving money to SRA through such leaders.

Suggestions were raised on how to tackle the above challenges and the ones below were adopted as most appropriate.

  1. SRA to organize an online CIVIC campaign to sensitive residents on the need to strengthen SRA.
  2. SRA EXCOM and court leaders to make a deliberate effort to popularize the SRA online magazine which is loaded with neighborhood information articles.
  3. Courts invite SRA Excom to their court meetings and allow them to sell the SRA idea to their court members.
  4. Court Leaders and road zones to take advantage of the SRA financial structures to raise funds and implement projects at the road levels. This is one tool that some roads have used a lot to their advantage and helps in popularizing SRA among the residents.
  5. All court leaders were encouraged to be accountable to their residents.
  6. All court leaders were encouraged to come up with ideas on court-based projects at least the basics like Security and Gates. These kinds of projects keep the residents talking and hence create cohesiveness and common bonds.
  7. All court leaders present promised to have their courts registered as soon as possible and should they require SRA Assistance the Excom is available to assist.
  8. SRA is to be giving quarterly briefs on its undertakings. This will help residents to appreciate the SRA Vehicle and help in convincing them to join especially those affected by any developments.
  9. The court leaders conference was adopted as an SRA quarterly event. in every conference, the court leaders and Excom take stock of the neighbourhood’s progress and challenges. The next court leaders conference is to be a full-day event as a half day proved inadequate time to deliberate.
  10. All court leaders to ensure that there is accountability at the court level.

Other matters that came up for discussion were

  1. Achievements of SRA since inception to date.
  2. Roads’ poor conditions and drainages
  3. Illegal developments that had been approved before the zoning plan was passed into law.
  4. Security
  5. The menace of Bars/wines and spirits within our neighborhood.
  6. The need to have all courts registered as either CBOs or Management co.
  7. The dumping of black cotton soil along the Airport Road

SRA relevant committees were tasked with coming up with a roadmap to address the above matters.

The SRA Excom appreciates all the court leaders that spared their precious time and answered the call from the SRA chairman. The future is bright for Syokimau. We can indeed achieve more together and make Syokimau the preferred Estate model. By coming together nothing is impossible.


John Mutinda.

Chairman (Syokimau Residents Association)

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