SRA Change of Guard

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Special General Meeting of the Syokimau Residents Association will be held virtually (in line with Article 18 of the Articles of Association) on Sunday , 14th March 2021  from 2.00 p.m. to transact the following business:

  1. To table the proxies and to note the presence of a quorum.
  2. To read the notice convening the meeting.
  3. Purpose to adopt amended Constitution (Articles of Association) of the Association
  4. The following special resolutions will be proposed at the meeting:

“THAT the draft Articles of Association attached to this resolution be adopted as the Articles of Association of the Association in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the Association’s existing articles of association.

THAT the Secretary be and is hereby mandated to have the Articles of Association reprinted to incorporate the above changes and to submit a copy of the reprinted Articles of Association to the Registrar of Companies”

  • Close of the Meeting



Date: 18th  February, 2021

Note:    A member entitled to attend and vote at the above meeting is entitled to appoint one or more        proxies to attend and vote on his or her behalf. A proxy need not be a member. To be valid, a           form of proxy which is attached to this notice must be duly completed and signed by the member            and must either be lodged at the Association’s Office, Cash gate Plaza, 1st Floor, Kiungani Rd,    Syokimau or P.O. Box 51079 (00100) GPO, NAIROBI or emailed to  so as to                reach not later than 11.00 a.m. on 7th March, 2021.


  1. – Revised Articles of Association
  2. Proxy Form

From the Chairs Desk

Dear neighbours,

I trust we have been keeping safe during this difficult season of Covid-19.

2020 was a difficult year affecting operations for many organisations and SRA was not spared either.

We started the year with the Notredame School meeting with intentions to collect views from residents on the best way forward to bring on board all residents to SRA. It was recommended that the leadership structure be devolved to the road level.

It was viewed by some residents that SRA should be registered as a Society and not as a company limited by guarantee which is the current scenario.

We proceeded to address both issues which meant reviewing our constitution to allow leadership be distributed to all the roads as well as began the process of registering SRA as a society.

Our AGM was to be held in April 2020. But alas Covid-19 happened and we were completely derailed.

Given that organisations world over have now gone digital, SRA has also decided we shall proceed to hold our AGM virtually.

It is for this reason we now issue an SGM notice to consider and adopt the reviews on our constitution. The AGM notice will be issued soon.

Achieving More Together

Juliet Karung’o
Chair SRA.

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  • February 23, 2021 at 4:11 pm

    This is quite a good move.


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